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An ISTP's "demure" nature will make them the targets of asinine bullying. Train at the Cobra-Kai dojo and kick the fuckers in the head.

+1 to the above. Gradeschool Survival is a matter of prison rules. Kick a bully's ass, or become someone's bitch. You go from calm and collected one second to an asskicking fury and back again once your point has been made, and people will back the fuck off. Just remember, the majority of bullies you'll run into are pathetic lumps of crap with a knack for aggressive posturing. -Tempest09

It's quite obvious that the typical ISTP will most likely not fit all too well into the classic school system. You know who doesn't like inefficient, boring and non-optional places full of overly and stupidly emotional people in puberty? That's right.

Now usually school is finding that sweet spot between grinding for grades, trying not to beat people up, trying not to get beaten up, learning that beating isn't how you should solve problems all while getting along with the teachers for an ISTP, but that's the point at which MBTI can help him overcome the struggle and master the way of school quite effortlessly.

The ISTP *will* have to gather data. What MBTI Type is that guy that keeps bullying me? What MBTI Type the girl I like? That teacher that keeps ruining my grades? It is important to type the teachers correctly, for a mistake can have grave consequences. It is advised to use the class as a ground for practise by typing each and every one of them while then using online tests and their curiosity to either confirm or, well, not confirm the predicted results. If the guessing accuracy has become rather stable and the Ti-function of the ISTP aware of the workings of typing with functions, it is time to identify the true self of the teachers. For this is what will actually wield practical use:

Every type can be exploited for good grades.

Every. Type.

Let's walk through the types most likely to be teachers, and discuss some of the techniques that can be advantageous for getting better grades through less work.

First off, the ISTJ. Usually Math/Physics/History teachers, they have a very calm and monotonous way of explaining things. The class usually isn't all too attentive to their stories, which either turns them into very strict or just resignated story tellers. The key to their respect is consistency- once. They remember very well, but their secondary function, te, will make them focus on students that they are not sure if they have understood the topic. Do the homeworks, ask questions a lot ( ideally making connections between the stuff they said just now and something they said a few lessons back, that will make them think you listened lol) and always volunteer to do the first part of whatever the assignment is. That has several advantages: They will often think you are eager to solve the problem, have a plan of how to solve the problem and that you know how to solve the later questions too - all the while you did exactly the first task, have no idea what is even going on or even what the later questions look like. Not gonna matter. You're gonna ace the subject ( at least orally, written tests are several magnitudes harder to manipulate).

Secondly, the ENFJ.

That germanistics teacher that is incredibly motivated, intelligent and well prepared and most of the time the favourite teacher of the school. They are creative, like poems and romantic stories as well as films with deep storylines; they also love fresh thoughts. This one is easy for you, you can actually be just the ISTP that you are. They instincively feel that you are their polar opposite and will be intrigued; just pretend to try hard to understand their point of view, and they'll be thrilled to give you great grades.


History. Latin. Sometimes Biology; you'll find them usually in lessons that require a lot of raw data but also rational understanding of some underlying rules; they often have that aura of them being actually students and not teachers. Their vulnerability lies in their self esteem and in their extroverted feeling. It's amazing how easely they can be tricked if everything you do is accompanied with that heartwarming smile that you practised in front of a mirror, how their eyes start beaming of joy as soon as you compliment that worksheet they designed and how happy they are when you keep holding positive eye-contact to them. It gives them the feeling of being appreciated which they will often mistake for you being competent, and usually they won't even care about the difference- your profit.


Honestly, you're going to have trouble with those. The thing is, you and them think alike in a lot of topics with brutal rationality, but they do it both faster and on more tracks at once. It's hard to pin their field of expertise down since their minds are incredibly adaptive to rational systems, and it's annoyingly difficult to listen to their theories, mainly because of the several topics they are covering at once, jumping back and forth while referencing them repeatedly as they do so. The ISTP might experience heavy reluctance to participate in the lessons after a short time due to that very lesson being very hard to keep up with. That's where you have to change gears. The ENTP loves discussing, he loves winning- but, and this is the important part, he loves *almost losing* the most. It is a possibility to ask the teacher about upcoming topics and to prepare questions that are difficult to solve for him, or just to make up semi-logical reasons for why statement A might not be the ideal definition. Define, use high level language, split hairs. It's going to feel like a battle, but you'll both learn a great deal and get good grades due to the teacher appreciating you as some kind of.. rival, a student more important than the others, in a good way.


Usually female when in schools, it's hard to trick them by bullshitting them. Honestly, there isn't much more you can do than doing things their way and being as reliable as you can- you don't need to come up with emotions or creative solutions for everything though, so that's a plus.


If you find one of your own kind, be bold, be informal to the extend of what's acceptable, and be clever in exploiting rule loopholes. It's okay to follow your gut in this case, imagine what you'd do in the teachers place and how you'd be pleased in his place.


Less demanding than the ENTP, often times less formal, but a lot more accurate. You can joke a lot with them, especially nerdy/dark humor; their mind works a lot like yours in the way of processing information, but, similar to the ENTP, they'll have that hyperthreading function implemented in their brain. Show them that you're able to make connections cross topic, find patterns, and specialize in disproving their theories by finding examples which they don't work for. Do so while smiling and exerting positive body language.


Change course, if you can. Hard to read, hard to deceive; if you have no choice, though, always ask for the long term solution. If you present your solutions to whatever the problem is, show why it works long term. Another thing that is very useful to know: INTJ's excel at computing established facts together and into beautiful rational constructs.

In comparison to an ISTP, they're incredibly incompetent at extracting facts from their environment. Say, you and the INTJ are supposed to buy a keyboard. While you easely find the best option just by trying them out and looking at the prices at the shop, the INTJ will usually value the assessment of whatever source he decided to view as competent in the past higher than both your assessment and his own, regardless of whether he agrees with it or not. ( Yes, there are exemptions. No, I don't care.) So basically you're maximising your success with them by giving the source of the parts of your solutions instead of relying on logic alone. For instance, if you hold a presentation, don't say: "This method is obviously the most effective". Say:" Professor [name of professor], who is known for his expertise in this field, established the widely accepted theory that this method is the most effective." This, by the way, also counters very judging critique of the INTJ.


Usually english/Music/Art teachers, they're super nice to have around as an ISTP. They generally give good grades, and you'll get even better ones if you make them feel good. Laugh about their jokes, praise their ideas- if you discuss them, it's advised to prove that and how they work/could work, instead of that they won't work. Try to make the approval/disapproval ratio about 70%/30% to ensure that they'll think of you as an intelligent and critical, yet fun thinker to have around. Don't speak all too formal, but don't ever curse; also, smile. A lot. :D


Use super-friendly ( but calm!) body language just like with the ISFJ, but do not open up emotionally. The INFJ will be drawn to you and interested in your thoughts; try to feel the way they think and feel about thinks, and then rationally push the boundary while holding back just enough to not break them. Try not to define things as accurately as you would do it with ISTP/INTP/ENTP, but rather speak in methaphors or at least analogys.

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