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These can be some tough questions to answer, especially if you’re stuck in the Ti-Ni loop. All I can say, is the best way to answer these questions is to get off your butt and follow your impulses. Stop sitting around trying to figure everything out in your head…it won’t work. And don’t run around hoping other people can help you answer these questions either, because they can’t. Part of figuring out what motivates you is figuring out who you are. To do that, all you can do is follow whatever your present impulse is(I’m not talking about robbing a bank, don’t be stupid) and through experiencing it, you’ll slowly understand more and more about yourself. I myself figured out more about myself in 3-4 months of following my impulses, getting off my rear and actually doing something with my life, than I did in over 2 years of sitting around trying to figure out everything in my head. Even if you don’t have an impulse, just get up and do something. Most every experience can teach you something about yourself when you have little to no idea of who you are and even when you think you know everything about yourself, you’d be surprised at what some experiences can still reveal to you about you. Eventually, you’ll come to find what motivates you/what’s worth doing.

Something else to take away from this whole thing is, you have weaknesses, get over it. You’re human like everyone else. If you want to figure yourself out, not only do you have to accept what you’re good at, but you also need to accept what you’re bad at. And when you figure out what you suck at, deal with it. Everyone sucks at something and you can improve on those things down the line anyways. To find who you are and what motivates you/what’s worth doing, you have to know both sides of the coin.

As I said, all of this comes through experience and just getting out there and doing crap. So stop trying to figure everything out in your head, get off your butt and start doing stuff or deal with not knowing the answers to these questions.


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