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At first, friendships can seem useless. Probably it is because ISTPs tend to be result-oriented, and friends directly don't give you much. But here are several examples that show that friendships are not that useless as they seem: friends can show you another angle of view (especially types like ENTP); friends can help you with boredom; friends can provide you resources (job, acquaintances, relationships, entertainment, etc.); at some point, usually after wtf years you will feel isolated, friends can force you to be more socially active, which is good; and other pros.


To acquire friends and be more socially active you need to find an access point. It can be an extroverted type of person or anyone who can hang out with you. The best choice is an extroverted person who will spend energy in social situations while you are busy observing surroundings. After finding that one person you can then expand. The bottom line here is to treat it like a military operation, acquiring friends is a necessary strategic operation to gain further advantage.


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